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Axis Bank Meal Card

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The Axis Bank Meal Card is an invaluable tool for individuals seeking a seamless and efficient way to manage their meal expenses. With its user-friendly features, such as customizable spending limits and easy online account management, users have greater control over their budget and can effortlessly track their transactions.


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience plays a significant role in our daily lives. Having a prepaid card specifically designed for this purpose can be highly beneficial when managing expenses, including meals. Axis Bank meal card offers features that aims to simplify the process of meal management for individuals. 

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Fees & Charges

Issuance FeeRs 100
Loading FeeRs 10
Annual FeeRs 100
Card Replacement FeeRs 100
Validity5 Years
ATM Cash withdrawal feeNA
Balance inquiry, mini statement, PIN resetNIL

Features of Axis Bank Meal Card

Axis Bank Meal Card

  • Easy Load: Users can conveniently load funds onto the card through Axis Bank’s net banking facility or their employer’s payroll system.
  • Customizable Spending Limit: The card allows users to set a specific spending limit to align with their monthly or weekly meal budget.
  • Online Account Management: Users can access their prepaid meal card account online, allowing them to track their transactions, check balances, and manage their card settings.
  • Auto-Renewal: The card can be set for automatic renewal, ensuring uninterrupted access to meal funds.

Benefits of Axis Bank Meal Card

Axis Bank Meal Card

  • Convenience: The Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card eliminates the need to carry cash or multiple vouchers for meal expenses. It provides a single payment solution for all dining requirements.
  • Budget Management: Users can set a specific meal budget, helping them monitor and control their expenses effectively.
  • Accepted Nationwide: The card is accepted at a wide range of merchant outlets nationwide, making it convenient for users to find and utilize dining options.
  • Security: The card is PIN-protected and has the added security of not being linked to the user’s bank account or personal information.

How Does the Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card Work?

The Axis Bank, Prepaid Meal Card, operates on a prepaid basis. Users can load funds onto the card through their employer or by directly adding money through Axis Bank’s online banking platform.

Once loaded, the card can be used at authorized merchants that accept prepaid cards, including restaurants, cafes, and food courts.

How to Apply for an Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card

To apply for an Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card, individuals can visit the official Axis Bank website or contact their employer if the card is being provided as part of an employee benefit program.

The application process typically involves filling out an online form with personal details and submitting the necessary documents per Axis Bank’s requirements.

Activation and Usage Process

Once the Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card is obtained, it must be activated before it can be used for transactions.

Activation can be done online through the bank’s website or by contacting Axis Bank’s customer support.

Once activated, the card can be used at any authorized merchant that accepts prepaid cards for meal purchases.

Acceptance and Accessibility

The Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card is widely accepted at restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, and other restaurants nationwide.

Users can quickly locate and identify authorized merchants through the Axis Bank website or refer to the list of affiliated outlets provided with the card.

Security Measures

Axis Bank takes security seriously to protect users’ funds and personal information. The prepaid meal card is PIN-protected, adding an extra layer of protection.

Moreover, since it is not linked to the user’s bank account, the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive financial information is minimized.

Limitations of Axis Bank Meal Card

While the Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card offers numerous benefits, its limitations must also be considered. Some potential restrictions may include the following:

Axis Bank Meal Card

  • Restricted Usage: The card can only be used for meal-related expenses and may not cover other purchases.
  • Limited Acceptance: While the card is widely accepted, certain establishments might not accept prepaid cards, which could sometimes limit the user’s options.
  • Reload Process: Users must proactively reload funds onto the card when the balance runs low, which requires planning and regular monitoring.


The Axis Bank Meal Card is a convenient and secure payment solution for managing meal expenses. Its ease of use, customizable features, and widespread acceptance offer individuals a hassle-free way to budget, track, and control their meal expenditures.

However, it’s essential to consider the associated fees and limitations and compare them with other prepaid meal cards available in the market before deciding.

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Can I use the Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card for online food delivery services?

Yes, the card can be used for online food delivery services that accept prepaid cards as payment methods. Check with the specific online platform to ensure compatibility.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can load onto the Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card?

The minimum and maximum load amounts may vary depending on Axis Bank’s terms and conditions. It is recommended to refer to the bank’s guidelines or contact their customer support for detailed information.

What should I do if my Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card is lost or stolen?

In case of loss or theft, it is crucial to report it immediately to Axis Bank’s customer support. They will guide you through blocking the card and issuing a replacement to safeguard your funds.

Is the Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card reloadable?

Yes, the card is reloadable, allowing users to add funds as needed. It can be reloaded through Axis Bank’s online banking platform or the user’s employer if it is part of an employee benefit program.

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