Jupiter Edge Credit Card Review

Jupiter Edge Credit Card

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The Jupiter Edge Credit Card is a solid recommendation for its combination of cashback benefits, reward points, and tech-friendly payment options like UPI, all without the burden of an annual fee. It caters to savers and spenders alike, offering additional perks such as birthday rewards for a personalized touch.


Namaste, readers! If your wallet is itching for a credit card that’s as versatile as it is rewarding, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re unpacking the perks, features, and nitty-gritty of the Jupiter Edge Credit Card, the latest entrant in the bustling Indian finance scene that promises to make your transactions smoother and more rewarding.

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Considering how every paisa counts, the Jupiter Edge Credit Card’s arrival is like a breath of fresh financial air.

So sit back, chai in hand, and let’s delve into what makes this card not just another piece of plastic in your pocket, but a gateway to a world of smart spending and saving. Ready to edge up your credit game?

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Take A Glance

Jupiter Edge Credit Card

  • Joining Fee: NIL
  • Annual Fee: NIL
  • Best for: Travel | Dining | Shopping
  • Reward Type: Reward Points
  • Best Feature(s): Shopping, Reward Points

Welcome Benefits

Jupiter Edge Credit Card

  • Welcome Voucher worth Rs 250 from top brands like Amazon, Flipkart

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees & Charges
Joining FeeNIL
Renewal Fee/ Annual FeeNIL
Physical Card Issuance FeeNIL
Card Replacement FeeRs 249
Card Closure FeeNIL
Foreign Currency Markup Charges3.5% on every international transaction
Overlimit FeeNIL
Interest Charges on Purchase Transactions3.5%(monthly) or 42%(annually)
Fuel Surcharge Fee* Rs 10 for transactions upto Rs 400
* 1% of transaction value above Rs 400
Rent Payment Fee1% of the transaction amount
Wallet Transaction Fee1% of the transaction amount

Reward Points

  • Flat 2% Cashback on the category of your choice between Travel, Shopping, and Dining.
  • Earn 0.4% cashback on all other spends.
Jupiter Edge Credit Card - Shopping
Jupiter Edge Credit Card - Dining
Jupiter Edge Credit Card - Travel

Its a Rupay Credit Card !!
Meaning: You can scan & pay any QR to make UPI payments 

If you are facing issue, then:

1st Level Escalation

  • Immediate Chat Support: Open the Jupiter app and click on the help icon for quick assistance.
  • Email: Send your queries to [email protected]
  • Customer Care Number: Call 8655055086 and press option 4 for Rupay card support.

2nd Level Escalation

3rd Level Escalation


Think of this credit card as a new friend that’s really into helping you save money and loves being super easy to use. It’s like having a magic wallet that gives you a little bit of your money back whenever you spend on things like movies, travel, or eating out.

Plus, it’s super tech-friendly. You can use it just like you do with UPI apps on your phone, which is pretty cool, right?

So, if you’re looking into getting a credit card or think it might be time to start understanding how they work, the Jupiter Edge Credit Card could be a great place to start. It’s all about making the most out of your money in a smart, easy way.

Happy exploring, and may every swipe be in your favour!


How do I apply for the Jupiter Edge Credit Card?

Applying for a Jupiter Edge Credit Card usually involves filling out an application on the issuing bank’s website or through their mobile app. You’ll need to provide some personal and financial details for them to assess your eligibility.

Can I use the Jupiter Edge Credit Card for online and offline purchases?

Yes, this card is designed for both online and in-store purchases, offering flexibility whether you’re shopping on the web or at your local store. It integrates technology like UPI for added convenience.

How does the Jupiter Edge Credit Card benefit me on my birthday?

The card may offer special rewards or bonus points on your birthday. This is a fun way of getting a little extra from your card just for being you!

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