Detailed Review: ICICI Bank Meal Card

ICICI Bank Meal Card

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The ICICI Bank Meal Card is an excellent option for those looking for a way to save money on their meals. There are huge options available across the year. It is easy to find a restaurant that you will enjoy eating at. The card also offers discounts at some of the most popular restaurants in India, which makes it even more attractive. If you are looking for a way to save money on your next meal, the ICICI Bank Meal Card is definitely worth considering.
ICICI Bank Meal Card
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ICICI Bank Meal Card offers the ease and comfort of providing employees with meal allowance on a card platform, like any other Debit Card/Credit Card.

Being a member of this card, one can use this only to buy or order food, drinks, and ready-to-eat items at partnered food joints, restaurants, and hotels.

The ICICI Bank Meal Card provides access to 50,000 merchant establishments across India. The card is accepted just like any debit card or credit card. All the POS terminals allow this card to be used where Visa credit cards are accepted. It will enable employees to be free from carrying extra cash, the correct change, or cumbersome meal vouchers – “less is better.”

The ICICI Bank Meal Card Programme is a beautiful way to ensure your employees are taken care of. It’s easy to use and backed by a trustworthy name.

It is a convenient method of disbursing meal allowances to employees every month. It distributes meal allowances seamlessly, but with the user-friendly Internet-based query-and-reporting tool, it also enables effective monitoring of expenses and management of costs.

Fees & Charges

Joining FeeINR 100 +GST
Annual FeeINR 100 +GST
Charge to Replace Lost/ Stolen/ Misplaced CardINR 199 +GST

Features of ICICI Bank Meal Card

  • Universal Acceptance: Over 50,000 Food & Beverages Mercantile accept the Meal Card.
  • Round-the-clock customer care: ICICI Bank operates 24*7 Customer Care Centres to provide immediate assistance to cardholders in case of any issue.
  • Card Safety: The bank has considered the security aspects with utmost seriousness. The POS transaction will happen only with a signature-based card.
  • Values: The card provides complete freedom to its customers to pay the transaction amount in any denomination.
  • Reload/ Recharge: It has become easy to reload/recharge the card without any tension. Just follow the bank’s instructions in doing so.
  • Instant Alerts: The bank has taken care of notifying the customer instantly as the transaction gets completed/declined. Either an SMS or email is sent to the customer.

ICICI Bank Meal Card VS Paper-Based Traditional Meal Coupons

ICICI Bank Meal CardPaper Based Traditional Meal Coupons
Has to be distributed only once.Has to be dispensed to each employee individually every month.
Easy to reload the card in a few clicks.Sorting and reprinting is a huge hassle.
One can access thousands of food joints with the card.Access is limited to a few food joints as such vouchers are often localized.
Easier to carry around and one swipe is all it takes to transact money.Difficult to carry around as it is bulky. Paper is not easy to maintain.
No lost card accountability if you report it instantly.No Refund - Once the coupon is lost. Same in the case of damaged coupon.
Huge Convenience - No restrictions on denomination.Biggest Hassle - Need to count and buy/ order food to the exact amount mentioned on the vouchers.

How to use the ICICI Bank Meal Card

If you’re an ICICI Bank customer

You may know the bank’s Meal Card service. This card can be used to purchase meals at participating restaurants. Here’s a quick guide on using the ICICI Bank Meal Card.

To use the card, simply present it at the participating restaurant when ordering your meal. The restaurant will then process the payment using the card. You can also use the card to pay for your meal online through the ICICI Bank website or mobile app.

If you’re not an ICICI Bank customer

You can still use the Meal Card by signing up for a one-time account. This account can be used to make payments at any participating restaurant.

Simply create an account on the ICICI Bank website or mobile app and add your credit or debit card details. The account will be created, and after that, you’ll be able to use the Meal Card at any participating restaurant.

Benefits to Employees: ICICI Bank Meal Card

  • Easier Usage: The Meal Card can be used as a debit card or a credit card at any merchant establishment that accepts Visa cards.
  • Wider Acceptability: Unlike paper-based meal vouchers, the Meal Card is accepted at more than 50,000 merchant establishments.
  • Zero Lost Card Liability: On reporting of loss of the card, the card is disabled for any transaction. At the cardholder’s request, the amount balance from the old card is transferred to the new card without any charges.

Benefits to Employers: ICICI Bank Meal Card

  • Easy Handling/Procurement: The Meal Card is provided to all authorized employees of the corporate. The card is activated upon receipt of the card fee from the corporate.
  • Hassle-Free Loading & Re-loading: The card can be loaded simply by providing the upload details and instructions to fund the cards by debiting the corporate’s Current Account.
  • Tracking Convenience: The user-friendly interface allows the corporate to track the load, spending and status of each Meal Card attached to the corporate.


If you’re looking for a meal card that will give you access to many restaurants, the ICICI Bank Meal Card is a great option. With over 1,000 partner restaurants across India, you’re sure to find something to your taste. And if you’re worried about security, don’t be – the ICICI Bank Meal Card comes with a built-in chip and PIN system so that only you can use it.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a delicious meal – your ICICI Bank Meal Card has covered you.

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What is the Joining Fee & Annual Fee of ICICI Bank Meal Card?

Joining Fee – INR 100 +GST
Annual Fee – INR 100 +GST

What happens if ICICI Bank Meal Card is lost?

You have to immediately report about it to the bank and the card will be blocked for any transaction. Also, a new card will be issued and the balance will be transferred to the new card.

How many outlets accept ICICI Bank Meal Card?

More than 50,000 outlets across India.

Is there any restriction on the usage of the ICICI Bank Meal Card?

Yes. It can only be used to buy or order food, drinks(Non-Alcoholic) and ready-to-eat items at partnered food joints, bistros and hotels only.

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    1. Hi Nisha !! There are 3 prominent meal cards available in the market right now: a) HDFC Bank Foodplus Meal Card b) ICICI Bank Meal Card c) Axis Bank Prepaid Meal Card
      You can choose any one among them. It will be your personal preference. All three cards provide a hassle-free experience.

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