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AU Bank Zenith Credit Card

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When I think about the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card, the words that pop up are ‘all-rounder’. This card takes care of your shopping and travel needs, with great protection up its sleeve. And talk about security! It has features that guard your money like a revered wicket-keeper. So, for anyone seeking reliability and a fuss-free financial journey, this card is like having Virat Kohli on your team. Game on!


Namaste! Are you considering whether the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card is the right choice for you?

Well, you’ve landed at the right place! In this easy-to-understand article, we examine every little detail about this popular card option. We present our insights and analysis so you can make an informed choice and reap the maximum benefits. Don’t fret about the jargon—we’ve ironed out the complexities for you.

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So, sit back, grab a cup of chai, and let’s unravel the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card world together!

Take A Glance

AU Bank Zenith Credit Card

  • Joining Fee: Rs 7,999 + GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs 7,999 + GST
  • Best for: Travel, Dining, Shopping
  • Reward Type: Reward Points
  • Best Feature(s): Domestic & International Airport Lounge Access, Railway Lounge Access, BookMyShow Offer

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees & Charges
Joining FeeRs 7,999 + GST
Renewal/Annual FeeRs 7,999 + GST
Spend Based Waiver* Joining Fee Waiver: After spending Rs 1.5 Lakh within 90 days of card activation
* Renewal Fee Waiver: After spending Rs 5 Lakhs in the previous year
Add-on Card FeeNIL
Reward Redemption FeeNIL
Foreign Currency Markup Charges1.99%
Fuel Surcharge Waiver1%
Interest Rates1.99% per month (23.88% annually)

Welcome Benefits

AU Bank Zenith Credit Card

  • First Transaction Rewards: Use your AU Bank Zenith Credit Card for the first time at any POS within 60 days of issuance and receive shopping vouchers worth Rs 1,000 from premium labels.
  • Spend and Earn Big: Hit the spending target of Rs 1 Lakh within the first 60 days after activating your card and get a bountiful reward of 10,000 Bonus Reward Points!

Eligibility Criteria

* Primary cardholders must be between 21 and 60 years old.
* Add-on cardholders must be over 18 years old.
* Must be a resident of India.

Milestone Benefits

One of the best things about the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card is the fun and rewarding milestone benefits it offers!

Quarterly Milestone Benefits

Rs 1,000 vouchers on a minimum of Rs 2 lakh retail spends per calendar quarter. Select your vouchers from a variety of top brands.

Yearly Milestone Benefits

Complimentary Epicure Membership with a minimum spend of Rs 8 Lakhs in a card anniversary year.

Accelerated Reward Points Program

How to Earn?

Sure, there’s a breakdown of the rewards you can earn with the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card:

  • Delicious Dining, Remarkable Points: Relish your favourite dishes at standalone restaurants and earn 20 Reward Points for every Rs 100 you spend on dining. Do note that from 1st April 2024, you’ll be able to earn a maximum of 5,000 Reward Points in a statement cycle on dining spending.
  • International, Grocery, and Departmental Splurges Earn More: Whether travelling abroad or shopping for your household needs, reap 10 Reward Points for every Rs. 100 spent on international transactions, groceries, and departmental store spending.
  • Others Join The Party Too: Do not worry; your other retail spending is rewarded! All other merchant category expenditures will earn you 5 Reward Points per Rs 100 spent.
  • Utilities & Telecom: Keep the lights on and stay connected! You will earn 1 Reward Point for every Rs 100 spent on BBPS, utility, and telecom categories, with a maximum of 100 Reward Points per transaction starting from 1st April 2024.
  • Rewarding Insurance Payments: From 1st April 2024, even your insurance premiums fetch you 1 Reward Point per Rs 100 spent.


Remember: Cash, EMI, Fuel, and Quasi Cash transactions do not earn Reward Points. Also, Rent, Education & Govt, and BBPS transactions will not be eligible for Reward Points post 1st April 2024.

Let’s sum up this rewarding scheme in a neat table:

Spend CategoryReward Points (per Rs 100 spent)Maximum Limit (From April 1, 2024)
Dining (Stand-alone Restaurants)205,000 Points per statement cycle
International, Grocery, Department Stores10No limit mentioned
Other Merchant Categories5No limit mentioned
BBPS, Utilities, Telecom1100 Points per transaction
Insurance1No limit mentioned

How to Redeem?

Here’s the fun part about having a credit card – you get rewarded for spending too! Now, with your AU Bank Zenith Credit Card, you can collect Reward Points and exchange them for a variety of benefits. It’s like a surprise gift with every swipe!

AU Bank Zenith Credit Card Review - Reward Points Redemption

Let’s see what these cool rewards can get you:

  • E-vouchers from your favourite shopping brands – a treat for the shopaholic in you.
  • Fancy Merchandise? Use your points to grab some cool gadgets or home essentials.
  • Keep your chats and shows going with Mobile/DTH recharges – all on points.
  • Dreaming of a vacation? Redeem points for Flight/Hotel bookings and make those dreams a reality.

Complimentary Lounge Access

Travelling can be tiring, but what if I said your AU Bank Zenith Credit Card could make it a breeze? Imagine walking into a serene lounge away from the bustling airport or railway station crowd, all for free!

Here’s how you can make your journey more comfortable and stylish:

Airport Lounges

Domestic Airports

  • Pre-April 2024 Perk: Enjoy 4 free lounge accesses per calendar quarter across India with your VISA Card, turning waiting time into relaxing moments.
  • Changes from April 2024: The free lounge access with your VISA Card gets updated to 2 complimentary visits per quarter. Still, it’s a sweet deal to unwind or catch up on work!

International Airports

Apart from Indian lounges, get 2 complimentary accesses quarterly with your Priority Pass at participating international lounges (Just remember, within India, using Priority Pass is chargeable).

Railway Lounges

  • Chill Before You Chug: Get 2 complimentary accesses per quarter at railway lounges when you swipe your VISA Card—a great way to kickstart your train journey comfortably.
  • Family or Friends Along? No worries! Your add-on cardholders aren’t left out; they can also enjoy these lounging benefits during the complimentary visits. The more, the merrier, right?

In a nutshell,

Lounge Access TypeNetwork UsedNumber of Visits Per Quarter
Domestic Airport LoungesVisa/Mastercard Lounge Program2 complimentary visits
International Airport LoungesPriority Pass Program2 complimentary visits
Railway LoungesPartner Railway Lounge Program1 complimentary visit

Birthday Benefit

Earn 2,500 Bonus Reward Points by completing one retail transaction on your birthday.

Comprehensive Protection Cover

Sure thing! Let’s chat about the peace of mind that comes with your AU Bank Zenith Credit Card, especially when things don’t go as planned:

  • Air Accident Cover: Take to the skies confidently, knowing you have a whopping Rs 2 Crore in air accident coverage. Now that’s flying with a safety net!
  • Card Liability Cover: Lost your credit card? Breathe easy! After reporting the loss to the bank, you have zero liability for any fraudulent transactions made with the card.
  • Fraud Protection: Whether it’s a case of a duplicated card (skimming) or someone attempting an online heist, you’re safeguarded against the sneakiest of frauds.
  • Credit Shield: In the rare event that things go south, your credit line is protected up to Rs 15 Lakhs. It’s like having a financial umbrella ready for rainy days.
  • Purchase Protection: Love shopping? Good news! Your purchases are protected up to Rs 50,000. Think of it as shopping with an invisible bodyguard for your goods.
  • Travel Woes, Covered: Was your baggage lost? Was your flight delayed? Was your passport gone AWOL? Or (heaven forbid) stuck in a plane hijack? Your travel-related troubles are covered so you can travel with less worry and more adventure.

Here’s everything nicely summarized in a table for easy viewing:

Air Accident CoverCoverage of Rs 2 Crore
Card Liability Cover- Zero liability on fraudulent transactions post reporting loss
- Protection against Card Counterfeit/Skimming and Online frauds
Credit ShieldUp to Rs 15 Lakhs
Purchase ProtectionUp to Rs 50,000
Other Travel related coversCoverage in the event of baggage loss, delay, flight delay, loss of passport, and plane hijack


As we wrap up our in-depth look at the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card, let’s appreciate its unique blend of luxury, security, and convenience.

The beauty of the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card goes beyond its tangible benefits. It’s about peace of mind, knowing you’re protected against unforeseen incidents, be it fraud, accidents, or travel mishaps. The generous coverage limits, from air accident cover to credit shields, ensure that your financial wellness is always safeguarded.

In conclusion, the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card is not just an excellent financial tool but a beacon of security, luxury, and convenience, designed to enhance your life in ways big and small.

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What are the main benefits of using the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card?

The AU Bank Zenith Credit Card offers a range of benefits that include air accident cover of up to Rs 2 Crore, zero liability on fraudulent transactions post reporting the loss, credit shield of up to Rs 15 Lakhs, purchase protection up to Rs 50,000, and extensive coverage for various travel-related issues like baggage loss, flight delays, and more.

Is there any protection against fraud with the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card?

Absolutely! The card comes with comprehensive protection against card counterfeiting, skimming, and online fraud, ensuring that you carry zero liability on any unauthorized transactions made after reporting the loss to the bank.

If my card is lost, what should I do to ensure I’m not liable for fraudulent transactions?

If your card is lost, you should immediately report the loss to AU Bank. When you report the loss, you will not be held liable for any fraudulent transactions made with the card.

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