RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card Review

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card

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The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card is worth considering due to its attractive benefits and features, targeting frequent travellers and those who enjoy luxury. With a welcome gift of a MakeMyTrip voucher worth Rs 3000, access to over 850 airport lounges, discounts on travel, dining, shopping, and wellness, a tiered rewards system, and insurance benefits, this credit card offers incredible value for those looking to make the most of their international spending and enjoy a premium lifestyle experience.


The right credit card can make your life easier—and life is too short to spend it struggling with finances.

Welcome to our comprehensive evaluation of the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card.

In this review, we will examine its main features, benefits, and potential downsides. I aim to provide a simple and easy-to-understand assessment that will help you determine if this card meets your needs.

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card Review

Regardless of your financial literacy or language proficiency, we have ensured that our review is accessible and user-friendly. We understand the significance of making informed decisions, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s explore the world of possibilities that the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card has to offer. Stay tuned!

At A Glance

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card

  • Joining Fee: Rs 3000 + GST
  • Renewal Fee: Rs 3000 + GST
  • Best Features: 0% Foreign Currency Markup Fee, Milestone Travel Points, Airport Lounge Access

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees & Charges
Joining FeeRs 3000 + GST
Renewal FeeRs 3000 + GST
Add-on Card FeeNIL
Finance charges for both revolving credit & cash advancesAPR up to 3.99% p.m. (47.88% p.a.)
Cash advance fee2.5% of the cash amount (min Rs. 500)
Late Payment Fee12.5% of Outstanding amount
* Min Amount: Rs 5
* Max Amount: Rs 1300
Overlimit Penalty (levied if outstanding
exceeds credit limit)
2.5% of overlimit amount, subject to a
minimum of Rs. 500
Fuel Transaction Charge1% surcharge on fuel transaction value or Rs.10/- whichever is
Reward Redemption FeeRs. 99 +GST
Merchant EMI Processing FeeRs. 199+GST
Fee on Rental Transactions1% fee on transaction amount

Welcome Benefits

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card

  • MakeMyTrip voucher of Rs 3000/-. Redeem it for flights/hotels/holidays

Eligibility Criteria


  • Age: You should be minimum 21 years & maximum 60 years.
  • Income: You should have a regular monthly income.

What do you get ?

Usually, you would get an envelope that holds all the concerned documents with the credit card. But here, RBL Bank showcases World Safari credit cards as a premium offering. So, a beautiful black colour box with golden ink welcomes you.

Welcome Box of RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card
RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card - features booklet
RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card - most important terms and conditions booklet

The box contains the following things:

  • the credit card
  • 2 booklets
  • a priority pass card

How to setup the PIN on new card?

You have to setup the PIN once you recieve the card. As per RBI guidelines, you have to do that within 30 days. Otherwise, your card will be cancelled by the bank.

Please follow these steps for the card activation:

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card - PIN setup

Rewards Programme

Regular Rewards

  • For Travel Spends: You earn 5 travel points for every Rs 100/-spent
  • For Non-Travel Spends: You earn 5 travel points for every Rs 100/-spent

Milestone Rewards

Total Spends in a YearWhat you will earn !!
Rs 2.5 Lakhs10,000 Bonus travel points
Rs 5 LakhsAdditional 15,000 Bonus travel points
Rs 7.5 LakhsA Gift Card worth Rs 10,000/- from the brands like Taj Experiences, Amazon, Croma, Myntra & MakeMyTrip

For the spending of Rs 7.5 lakhs in a year, you can get benefits worth up to Rs 30,000/-

Visit the below link to explore and redeem your Travel Points for various purchases, such as hotel stays and air travel.

Airport Lounge Access

Travelling can be exhausting, but the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card aims to make your journey as smooth as possible with its enviable feature – the Airport Lounge Access. This convenience can dramatically transform your travel experience, allowing you to unwind before a hectic flight or during long layovers.

Let’s discuss this Airport Lounge Access, a must-have for frequent flyers. The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card holders are offered complimentary access to select airport lounges, both domestically and internationally.

Domestic Airports

Access TypeComplimentary Access
in a Quarter ( Max)
Complimentary Access
in an Year ( Max)
Access via

International Airports

Access TypeComplimentary Access
in a Quarter ( Max)
Complimentary Access
in an Year ( Max)
Access via
International-2Priority Pass

Once you spend Rs 50,000/- in a calendar quarter, you become eligible to enjoy 1 additional complimentary lounge visit

More Travel Benefits

This credit card claims to be the first in the industry to offer 0% Foreign Currency Markup Charges. That means, whatever you transact, will have to pay the exact same amount.

For example:

Credit CardYou SpendExtra Charges ( 3.50%
Foreign Markup Fee + 18% GST )
You Pay
Any Other Card100$4.13$104.13$
RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card100$NIL100$

Complimentary Travel Insurance

When you travel abroad, you want to enjoy the experience and time without hassles. So, the World Safari credit card comes to help you.

  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Trip Delay
  • Baggage Loss
  • Loss of Passport
  • Dental Treatment

Some more details on the policy coverage:

Policy Period1 year
No of TripsMulti-trips ( 1st 3 in a year )
Maximum trip duration10 days ( per trip)
CoverageWorldwide including USA & Canada.
Exclusion: the country of residence

The policy cover details are important to know for any individual:

Entry Age – MinimumAdult : 18 years
Entry Age – Maximum60 years
Cover Type Group Explore Cover which includes coverage on Individual basis
Eligibility CriteriaInsured Person should be Travel Credit Card Holder of RBL Bank
Eligible Relationship Self
Sum Insured$50,000

Golf Privileges

The credit card gives golf privileges to its customers:

  • Complimentary Golf Rounds: Cardholders are entitled to complimentary green fees at select golf courses, allowing them to enjoy their favourite game without additional costs.
  • Golf Lessons: Interested in learning or improving your swing? The card offers free golf lessons at premier golf clubs, making it an excellent pick for beginners and intermediate-level players.
  • Access to Premium Golf Clubs: Experience the luxury of playing on some of the best golf courses. This card provides access to premium golf clubs both domestically and internationally.

Golf Concierge is complimentary only for MasterCard holders.

Please contact the concierge desk for bookings, by calling Customer Service at
022 6232 7777

24/7 Concierge Service

RBL Bank’s World Safari Credit Card offers an exclusive 24/7 Concierge Service catering to the diverse needs of cardholders. Here are the key features of this service:

  • Round-the-clock Assistance: Access to a dedicated concierge service available 24/7 to assist with various requests and inquiries.
  • Travel Arrangements: Help book flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related services, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Dining Reservations: Assistance in securing reservations at top restaurants globally, offering a diverse culinary experience.
  • Event Ticketing: Support acquiring tickets for concerts, sporting events, shows, and more, helping cardholders access exclusive and sought-after events.
  • Special Occasions: Assistance in planning and organizing special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations, ensuring memorable experiences.
  • Local Recommendations: Providing recommendations and information about local attractions, shopping spots, and entertainment venues at various destinations.
  • Emergency Assistance: Support during emergencies, such as lost card replacement, emergency cash disbursement, and more.

How to Contact?

RBL Bank Credit Card Helpline

Credit Card Cancellation Request / Sales grievance*


Our journey exploring the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card has been insightful. Likely appealing to travel enthusiasts and golf lovers, this credit card packs an impressive range of features. From the highly coveted Airport Lounge Access to the game-changing golf privileges it offers, this card caters to your aspirational lifestyle.

Remember, the right credit card can assist you in effectively managing your finances while also upgrading your lifestyle. As we close our comprehensive review, we hope this has clarified if the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card matches your requirements and lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews and financial insights. Until then, safe travel, smooth swings, and a savvy financial journey to you all!

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How can I apply for the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card?

You can apply for the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card through the official RBL Bank website or visit a local branch. You’ll need to fulfil specific eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents for the application.

What are the benefits of Airport Lounge Access?

With Airport Lounge Access, cardholders can avail of complimentary entry to select airport lounges domestically and internationally. These lounges offer comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, meals, and beverages. It’s an oasis inside bustling airports.

What golf privileges does the card offer?

The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card offers several golf privileges, including complimentary green fees at select golf courses, free golf lessons, access to premium golf clubs, exclusive discounts on golf merchandise, and invitations to golf tournaments.

Can I earn reward points with the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card?

Yes, the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card does offer reward points on particular eligible spends. The specifics are in our review article or the official RBL Bank website.
Remember, always contact RBL Bank for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What measures should I take if I lose my RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card?

In case of loss or theft of your RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card, immediately report it to RBL Bank’s customer service hotline. They will guide you through the process to block your lost card and issue a replacement.

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