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Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

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The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is a top choice for frequent international travellers. With its global acceptance, favourable foreign currency transactions, travel benefits, reward points, fuel surcharge waiver, and dedicated concierge services, this card offers a comprehensive package tailored to the needs of jet-setters. If you’re seeking a credit card that combines convenience, savings, and exclusive perks for your globetrotting adventures, the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is worth considering.


The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is a versatile financial tool providing cardholders with numerous benefits and features.

With a focus on convenience, rewards, and flexibility, this credit card offers various advantages that cater to multiple needs and preferences.

Whether you are a frequent traveller, a shopping enthusiast, or looking for financial convenience, the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card has something to offer.

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Who is Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card suitable for?

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card suits individuals who frequently travel internationally. It offers various benefits and features that cater specifically to the needs of frequent travellers.

Highlights of Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

  • Welcome Benefits: Enjoy 5000 Edge points on the 1st transaction within 30 days of the card setup.
  • Complimentary Lounge Access, Complimentary Airport Concierge Services, Aiport Pickup Services
  • Up to 25% discount across 10,000+ restaurants via EazyDiner
  • Introduction of “Tiered Benefits” with Silver -> Gold -> Platinum tiers.

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees & Charges
Joining FeeRs 5000 + Applicable taxes
Annual/Renewal feeRs 5000 + Applicable taxes
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee3.50% of the transaction value
Fuel Transaction Surcharge1% of transaction amount
(Refunded for fuel transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000 Per Statement Cycle)
Rent Transaction fee
( Applicable from 5th March 2023)
1% capped at INR 1,500 per transaction on rental transactions
Surcharge on purchase or cancellation of Railway TicketsAs prescribed by IRCTC/Indian Railways
Overdue Penalty or Late Payment FeeNil if total payment due is up to Rs. 500
Rs. 500 if total payment due is between Rs. 501 and Rs. 5,000
Rs. 750 if total payment due is between Rs. 5,001 and Rs.10,000
Rs. 1,200 if total payment due is greater than Rs 10,000
Add-on Card Joining/Annual FeeNIL

Eligibility Criteria

Axis Bank has specific eligibility criteria that applicants must fulfil.

  • Primary cardholders between the ages of 18 years and 70 years
  • Add-on cardholder should be over 18 years
  • Income Criteria:
    1. Salaried: Net Annual income of Rs 9 Lakhs and above
    2. Self-Employed: Net annual income of Rs 12 Lakhs & above
  • Resident of India

Documents Required

To complete your application, you will need to provide certain documents:

  • PAN card photocopy or Form 60
  • Latest payslip/ Form 16/IT return copy as proof of income
  • Residence proof (Passport/Driving license/ Electricity Bill/ Landline telephone bill)

Benefits of using Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

Cashback Offers and Reward Points

  • One of the key benefits of the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is the opportunity to earn cashback and reward points on various transactions.
  • Cardholders can earn cashback on categories such as dining, shopping, and fuel, allowing them to save money on their everyday expenses.
  • Additionally, every credit card transaction earns reward points, which can be accumulated and redeemed for various exciting options.

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

  • The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card provides frequent travellers complimentary access to select airport lounges.
  • This feature allows cardholders to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience before their flights, with complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi access, and comfortable seating arrangements.
  • The airport lounge access benefit adds a touch of luxury to the travel experience.
Tier LevelComplimentary Visits
(Domestic Lounges)
Complimentary Visits
(International Lounges)
Silver8 per year4 per year
Gold12 per year6 per year
Platinum18 per year12 per year

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • The credit card offers a convenient fuel surcharge waiver, making refuelling at partner fuel stations a cost-effective experience.
  • By using the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card for fuel purchases, cardholders can enjoy the benefit of having the surcharge waived, thereby reducing their fuel expenses.

Flexible EMI Options

  • One of the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card’s standout benefits is its flexible EMI options. Cardholders can convert high-value purchases into easy monthly instalments, spreading the cost over time.
  • This feature allows individuals to manage their finances efficiently and make big-ticket purchases without straining their budgets.

Tips and Strategies to Maximise Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card Benefits

Adopting smart spending habits and utilising the various offers available is crucial to make the most of the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card benefits. Implementing these tips and strategies will help you maximise the value of your credit card.

Combining offers and maximising rewards

Find opportunities to connect different offers, such as cashback rewards, discounts, and partner merchant deals, to maximise your savings and rewards-earning potential.

Utilising milestone benefits and welcome gifts

The Atlas Credit Card often provides milestone benefits and welcome gifts in the form of additional rewards points, vouchers, or discounts. Be sure to make the most of these offerings.

Intelligent spending habits to avoid interest charges

Paying your credit card bill in full and on time will help you avoid unnecessary interest charges. Make a budget, track your expenses, and avoid overspending to ensure responsible credit usage.

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Pros & Cons


  • Wide acceptance: The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is accepted worldwide, making it convenient for travellers and online shoppers.
  • Reward points: Cardholders can earn rewards for every purchase made using the Atlas Credit Card, which can be redeemed for various benefits and discounts.
  • Travel benefits: The card offers attractive benefits such as complimentary lounge access, air miles, and travel insurance coverage.
  • Contactless payments: The Atlas Credit Card supports contactless payments, allowing users to make quick and secure transactions.
  • Zero lost card liability: Axis Bank provides a zero lost card liability feature, ensuring cardholders are safeguarded against unauthorised transactions in case of card theft or loss.


  • Annual fee: The Atlas Credit Card comes with an annual fee, which may not be suitable for individuals looking for a no-fee credit card option.
  • Foreign transaction fees: While the card offers global acceptance, it does charge foreign transaction fees, which can be a downside for frequent international travellers.
  • Eligibility criteria: The credit card may have strict eligibility criteria, making it difficult for specific individuals to qualify for the card.


The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is a feature-packed card that caters to the needs of frequent travellers and online shoppers.

With its global acceptance, reward points, travel benefits, and contactless payment options, this card offers convenience and security.

However, the annual fee, foreign transaction fees, and eligibility criteria may be deterrents for some individuals. It is essential to consider personal requirements and financial capabilities carefully before applying for this credit card.

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Can I use the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card for online shopping?

Yes, the Atlas Credit Card can be used for online shopping worldwide, offering a seamless shopping experience.

How can I redeem the reward points earned on my Atlas Credit Card?

You can redeem your reward points through Axis Bank’s reward redemption portal for various options, including discounts, gift vouchers, and more.

Does the Atlas Credit Card provide any travel insurance coverage?

Yes, the card offers complimentary travel insurance coverage, protecting against unforeseen circumstances during your travel.

What if my Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card gets lost or stolen?

Axis Bank provides zero lost card liability, ensuring you are not held accountable for unauthorised transactions made after reporting the card loss or theft.

Is the Atlas Credit Card suitable for frequent international travellers?

While the card offers convenient global acceptance, it does come with foreign transaction fees. If you frequently travel abroad, it’s essential to consider these charges before opting for this card.

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