How to Contact SBI

how to contact SBI


Effective communication with your bank is essential for seamless financial transactions and addressing concerns in today’s fast-paced world.

Whether you need assistance with account-related queries, transaction issues, or general inquiries, the State Bank of India (SBI) offers multiple channels to help you get the support you need.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various ways to contact SBI and provide you with valuable tips for effective communication.

1. Phone Call

You can connect with SBI through a phone call on the dedicated numbers. All these numbers are toll-free numbers.

Toll-Free Number 11800 1234
Toll-Free Number 21800 2100
Toll-Free Number 31800 11 2211
Toll-Free Number 41800 425 3800
Toll Number080-26599990

2. E-Mail

This is another way through which a customer can reach SBI: E-Mail. Write your concerns/issues and send them to :

[email protected]
[email protected] 

For non-urgent inquiries or if you prefer written communication, you can reach out via email. Here’s how:

  • Send an email to the official customer support email address.
  • Clearly state your query or concern in the subject line.
  • Provide detailed information in the body of the email, including your account details if applicable.
  • Await a response from the customer support team.

3. SMS service

One of the most convenient ways to contact SBI is SMS.

If you are unhappy with SBI services, you can send an SMS to SBI and the bank will reach out to you.

sms UNHAPPY to 8008 20 20 20

Additionally, there is another service provided by SBI – SBI Quick – Missed Call Banking. This is a FREE service wherein you can get Account Balance, Mini statements and much more.

SBI Quick – Missed Call Banking

As an SBI customer, you have to send a text with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined phone numbers from your registered phone number.

4. Write to SBI

This option has become almost non-existent in the current days. But still, if you want to write your concerns/issues to SBI, use this address for the post:

Customer Service Department
State Bank of India
State Bank Bhavan, 16th Floor
Madam Cama Road,
Mumbai 400 021

5. Visit Branch

For personalized assistance, you can visit an SBI branch near you:

  • Locate your nearest SBI branch.
  • Visit the branch during operating hours.
  • Speak with a bank representative to discuss your query or concern.

6. Social Media Channels

SBI is also present on various social media platforms. You can connect via direct messages or mentions:

  • Visit SBI’s official social media pages (e.g., Facebook, Twitter).
  • Send a direct message with your query or concern.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive information publicly; stick to general queries or request a private conversation.

7. SBI Contact Centre( SBI Helpline)

This is a very good initiative from SBI for its customers. SBI Helpline serve a bunch of services in the customer’s preferred language around the clock(24/7).

To access the services from SBI Contact Centre, you have to call the Toll – Free numbers mentioned above.

.Currently, SBI provides the support in 12 languages:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Telugu
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Malayalam
  • Odia
  • Gujarati
  • Assamese
  • Punjabi

Now, lets take a look at the services supported by SBI Contact Centre:

S.No.Service NameAvailable through
Available through
1ATM Card BlockingYY
2Internet Banking user Id. BlockingYN
3UPI BlockingYY
4Account BalanceYY
5Last 5 TransactionsYY
6Account Balance & Last 5 Transactions through SMSYY
7Deposit Account Details & Transaction EnquiryNY
8Loan Account DetaiS, Transaction & EMI Schedule EnquiryNY
9Account StatementYN
10Cheque Book IssuanceYY
11Cheque Book Dispatch StatusYY
12TDS details by emailYN
13Deposit Interest Certificate by emailYN
14Green PIN GenerationYN
15ATM Card ReissuanceYY
16ATM Card Dispatch StatusYY
17ATM Switch On/off & Limit Set/ModlfyYN
18Deposit & Loans Products FeaturesNY
19Home Loan Interest CertificateYN
20Education Loan Interest CertificateYN
21Interest Rates informationYY
22Interest Rates through SMSYN
23Pension Related InformationNY
24Prepaid Card RelatedNY
25YONO Related QueriesNY
26INB Related QueriesNY
27BRIM UPI Related QueriesNY
28Complaint RegistrationNY
29Complaint StatusYY
30Unauthorised Transactions Reporting- Debit card/1NB/UPlNY
31Income Tax Refund Order informationNY
32Goods & Sewices Tax informationNY
33FASTAG informationNY

SBI provides few other assistance to its customers on these dedicated toll-free numbers:

Sr NoToll Free NumberSupport provided for
11800 11 1109For unauthorised transaction reporting)
21800 11 1101SBI YONO
31800 11 0009Pensioners
41800 11 0001PMIJDY
51800 11 0018SBI FAST*
61800 11 2017GST
71800 11 2018Home Loan
81800 42 5976 0Income Tax Refund Orders (ITRO)
91800 89 00Wealth & Platinum customers
101800 11 1103SBI Doorstep Banking Services

Tips for Effective Communication

Be Prepared

Before contacting SBI, gather all relevant information, such as your account number, transaction details, and any documents related to your query.

Be Clear & Concise

Clearly state your query or concern, providing all necessary details to avoid misunderstandings.

Stay Patient

While SBI strives to offer efficient service, specific inquiries may require time. Stay patient and respectful during interactions.

Keep Records

Maintain a record of your interactions, including call reference numbers, email correspondence, and chat transcripts.


Efficient communication with SBI is crucial for a smooth banking experience. With the array of contact options they provide, you can choose the method that suits your preference and urgency.

Whether you opt for the customer care helpline, SBI’s website, email support, social media, or in-person visits, rest assured that SBI is committed to helping you resolve your queries and provide the assistance you need.

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Can I visit an SBI branch for assistance?

Absolutely. You can visit an SBI branch for face-to-face assistance. Bank representatives can help with a wide range of banking services.

How can I escalate an issue if my query isn’t resolved satisfactorily?

If your query isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you can request to speak with a higher-level representative or inquire about the escalation process.

Can I track my inquiry’s progress after contacting SBI?

SBI may provide reference numbers for interactions. Keep track of these numbers; you can follow up on your inquiry’s progress if needed.

How often should I update my contact information with SBI?

Regularly update your contact information to ensure SBI can reach you with important updates and notifications regarding your accounts.

Are there any specific times when I should avoid contacting SBI?

While SBI aims to offer 24/7 support through various channels, peak hours might lead to longer waiting times. Avoid busy times for quicker assistance.

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