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Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card

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Unlock travel luxury with the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card! Dive into premium lounge access, free golf sessions, and comprehensive insurance—all wrapped in flexibility with a user-friendly cancellation policy. It’s more than a card; it’s your gateway to stylish adventures. Embark on your next journey with confidence. Get the card that elevates your travel experience.


Namaste, fellow travellers and savvy spenders! 🙏

If you’re always looking for ways to make your travel more rewarding, you probably need help with a range of credit cards claiming to offer the best perks in the skies. But let’s be honest, sorting through them can feel like navigating through a dense fog without a co-pilot.

That’s where I come in! Today, I’m diving into the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card, a card that’s been causing quite the buzz in Indian airports and shopping malls alike.

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In my in-flight review, I’ll guide you through everything from air miles and lounge access to dining delights and shopping rewards. So, tighten your seatbelt as we prepare for takeoff to discover whether this card deserves a prime spot in your wallet.

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or a points collector, stay with me as I unfold the secrets of this shiny new card on the market. Let’s find out if it’s just another run-of-the-mill plastic companion or if it adds extra altitude to your lifestyle!

🛫 Ready for takeoff? Let’s begin our ascent into the world of the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card!

At A Glance

Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card

  • Joining Fee: Rs. 4,999 + GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999 + GST
  • Best for: Air Travel
  • Reward Type: Reward Points
  • Best Feature(s): Milestone Rewards, Domestic Airport Lounge Access, International Airport Lounge Access, Golf Games/Lesson

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees & Charges
Joining FeeRs. 4,999 + GST
Renewal/Annual FeeRs. 4,999 + GST
Spend Based WaiverN/A
Add-on Card FeeNIL
Interest Rate on Purchases, Cash
Advances and outstanding
balances due
Monthly Rate - 0.75% - 3.65%
Annual Rate - 9% - 43.8%
Overdue InterestMonthly Rate - 3.99%
Annual Rate - 47.88%
Reward Redemption FeeRs 99 per redemption transaction
Foreign Currency Markup Charges2.99%

Welcome Benefits

Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card

  • 1 Complimentary Premium Economy Ticket Voucher
  • 1 Class Upgrade Voucher
  • 3 months Complimentary EazyDiner Prime membership and BQ Prime subscription
  • Complimentary Club Vistara Silver Membership

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Requirements

Eligibility CriteriaDetails
Age RequirementPrimary Cardholder: 21 to 60 years
Add-on Cardholder: Minimum 18 years
NationalityIndian Citizens only
Occupational StatusAvailable to both Salaried and Self-Employed individuals
Minimum Income RequirementSubject to bank's internal criteria; generally requires a good income level and credit score
Credit ScoreA good credit score is expected (usually 750 or above) but specific score not explicitly stated

Documents Requirements

  • Proof of Identity (Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID, etc.)
  • Proof of Address (Utility bills, Passport, etc.)
  • Proof of Income (Latest salary slips for salaried/Bank statements for self-employed, etc.)
  • PAN Card
  • Passport-size photographs

Reward Points

Accelerated Reward Points

You can earn a cumulative benefit of 6000 CV points as an activation benefit on this credit card. This is split into 2000 CV points in each billing cycle.

Statement 1Statement 2Statement 3Statement 4
Card generated( for example)11 July
Statement date( for example)17 July17 Aug17 Sep17 Oct
No. of days30 days30 days30 days
Spend thresholdSpends will NOT to be considered for activation CV points30 K30 K30 K
Bonus reward2000 CV Points2000 CV Points2000 CV Points

Imp Info

  • Applicable Billing Cycles: Billing statement for months 2, 3, and 4 from the date of joining.
  • CV points shall be credited to your Club Vistara account within 5 working days after statement generation.

Basic Reward Point Structure

The CV Points accumulation on the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card follows a tiered structure, where the first Rs 1 lakh in purchases earns a higher earning rate of 6 points for every Rs 200 spent.

Beyond this threshold, the earn rate adjusts to 4 points for every Rs 200 spent on most categories.

Spend CategoryCV Points Earned per Rs 200 Spent
General Spends up to Rs 1 lakh6 CV Points
General Spends above Rs 1 lakh4 CV Points
Dining Spends on Cardholder's Birthday10 CV Points
Fuel, Insurance, Utility, Rent & Wallet Load1 CV Point

The Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card breaks the norm for transactions usually excluded from earning points such as fuel, insurance, utility bill payments, rent, and wallet loads by offering 1 CV Point per Rs 200 spent, which is a unique benefit considering that most other cards do not offer any points for such spends.

Exclusions & Conditions

CV Points earnings are calculated based on the amount spent for every Rs 200. Understanding that the rate at which you earn CV Points depends on the specific spending category is essential.


It is essential to note that no CV Points are earned for EMI transactions or cash withdrawals using the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card, standard practice for credit card rewards programs

Milestone Benefits

The Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card offers an enticing milestone benefits program that rewards cardholders with up to 5 Complimentary Premium Economy Ticket Vouchers each anniversary year.

Here’s how the program is structured, based on the spending thresholds within a single anniversary year:

Annual Spend (Rs)Reward
Rs 1,50,000Unlock 1st Ticket Voucher
Rs 3,00,000Unlock 2nd Ticket Voucher
Rs 4,50,000Unlock 3rd Ticket Voucher
Rs 9,00,000Unlock 4th Ticket Voucher
Rs 12,00,000Unlock 5th Ticket Voucher

Imp Info

Anniversary Year Definition: The anniversary year for the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card is defined as 12 months starting from the card generation date.
Voucher Crediting Process: Once a cardholder achieves a spending milestone, the corresponding Premium Economy Ticket Voucher is credited to their Club Vistara account.

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card - Club Vistara

The Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card offers a fantastic feature for travelers: complimentary airport lounge access.

Access TypeAccess NetworkNo of Visits Per Quarter

Few Things To Consider

Sharing Benefits: The terms and conditions above apply to the cardholder and all add-on cardholders. This benefit will be divided equally among them.
Child Entry: Children under two years of age may be granted complimentary entry at the discretion of the participating lounges. Cardholders should verify this policy at the lounge entrance before entry.
Access Limitations: This program is exclusive to cardholders with a Club Vistara IDFC FIRST Credit Card issued in India. Each cardholder is allowed one entry per visit. Additional guests or services will result in extra charges.

Moreover, if you face any issues regarding lounge access, you can use any one of the below methods:

IDFC Customer Care

Toll-Free: 1800 10 888
Email: [email protected]

DreamFolks Customer Care

Toll-Free: 1800 123 4109 or
Email: [email protected]

Complimentary Golf Benefits

India Golf Program

  • 4 complimentary rounds of golf per year (1 round per month)
  • 12 free golf lessons annually (1 lesson per month)
  • 50% discount on green fees after using complimentary sessions.

APAC Golf Program

50% Off on Golf rounds or lessons across Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, New Zealand, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Trip Cancellation Reimbursement

So, guess what? The Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card has a pretty cool safety net for your trips. It’s called ‘Cancellation For Any Reason’ (CFAR) Insurance, and it’s like having a “change of plan” guardian angel for your travels.

Here’s the deal: Life happens. You book a flight or hotel, all excited about your trip, but something comes up, and you can’t go anymore. It could be work, the sniffles got you, or maybe you just had a change of heart about zip-lining in the rainforest. Whatever the reason, this CFAR thing has your back.

The card lets you claim up to Rs 10,000 back if you have to cancel your travel plans. And the best part is that it doesn’t pry into why you’re cancelling; it respects your reasons, no questions asked.

But here’s what you must remember: You can use this benefit twice for claims. That’s two mulligans in golf terms (since we talked about golf benefits, too).

So, book those flights and hotels with a little more peace of mind, knowing you’ve got a safety net waiting just in case.

Just picture this: You’re sitting on your couch, scrolling through your phone, and oops, you book a trip to Goa for next week. Then reality checks in — you’ve got a big presentation that week. No problemo! Whip your Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card, cancel that trip, and claim reimbursement.

Other Travel Insurance Reimbursement

You’re curious about other travel insurance coverages baked into the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card. Say no more. Here we go:

Insurance TypeCoverage Amount
Air Accident CoverRs 1 crore (that's 10 Million!)
Personal Accident CoverRs 10,00,000
Lost Card Liability CoverRs 50,000
Loss of Checked-in BaggageUSD 1200
Delay of Checked-in BaggageUSD 1200
Loss of Passport & Other docsUSD 1200
Flight DelayUSD 1200

I mean, look at those numbers and all that protection! With this card, you’ve got a safety cocoon for almost every travel situation.


Vistara operates on a limited number of routes within India, making the Vistara co-branded cards most beneficial for residents of these cities. If you live in a hub city like Bangalore/Delhi/Hyderabad, this card can provide significant value through milestone benefits. The 4% return mentioned can further increase based on your efficiency in booking award tickets to maximize your benefits.

The Club Vistara IDFC First credit card comes with a higher joining and annual fee compared to the existing Vistara Axis and SBI Signature credit cards. However, it offers additional perks such as:

  • An extra class upgrade voucher upon joining and renewal
  • Up to 6 CV points per Rs 200 spent
  • Earn 1 CV point even on expenses like rent and wallet transactions
  • Access to international airport lounges

The added benefits of the Club Vistara IDFC First Bank credit card may justify choosing it over other options available.

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Who can apply for a Club Vistara IDFC First Bank credit card?

The card is generally available to customers with a good credit history and a stable income. You’ll need to meet IDFC First Bank’s eligibility criteria, which usually include age, income, and credit score requirements.

How does Trip Cancellation Reimbursement work?

If you must cancel a trip for any reason, the Club Vistara IDFC First Credit Card offers reimbursement of up to Rs 10,000 for your hotel and flight booking cancellations. This is limited to two claims but allows you to bail on your plans if something comes up.

Does this card offer any insurance benefits?

You bet! It offers an Air Accident Cover of Rs 1 crore, a Personal Accident Cover of Rs 10,00,000, a Lost Card Liability Cover of Rs 50,000, and additional coverage for travel inconveniences.

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