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SBI Prime Credit Card

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SBI Prime Credit Card India is a good option for those looking for an all-inclusive credit card that offers excellent benefits. The card has several features and benefits, making it the perfect choice for personal and business use. This card is highly recommended to anyone looking for quality financial services at an affordable price.


We all know the importance of credit cards and how they can help with emergencies. But what we don’t realise is that these cards are beneficial to our day-to-day lives as well.

This article will introduce you to the SBI Prime Credit Card and share its features, benefits, and demerits.

You will get sufficient details about the card to decide whether or not it’s a good choice for you!

Image of SBI Prime Credit Card

Highlights of SBI Prime Credit Card

SBI Prime Credit Card

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  • Welcome e-gift Voucher worth Rs. 3,000 from any of the following major brands: Bata/Hush Puppies, Pantaloons, Aditya Birla Fashion, Shoppers Stop and
  • Get 10 Reward Points per Rs 100 on Dining, Groceries, Departmental stores and Movies.
  • Enjoy complimentary Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership.
  • Enjoy a Complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership.
  • 4 complimentary visits to International Airport Lounges per year (max 2 visits per quarter).
  • 8 complimentary visits to Domestic Airport Lounges per year (max 2 visits per quarter).
  • Enjoy 20 Reward Points per Rs 100 spent on your birthday.

Fees & Charges

DescriptionFees & Charges
Joining FeesRs 2999 + GST
Annual FeesRs 2999 + GST
Add-On Card FeeNIL
Foreign Currency Markup Charges3.50%
Rewards Redemption FeeRs 99
Interest RateUp to 3.35% per month
Card ReplacementRs 100

Eligibility Criteria for the Card

  • The applicant’s age must be a minimum of 18 years.
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.

Documents required for the Card

  • PAN Card or Form 60
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photograph

How to Apply for a SBI Prime Credit Card?

  • Visit the official site and fill in all the details.
  • You must check your eligibility by selecting the “Check Eligibility” option. 
  • Once you clear the eligibility criteria, you will be asked to add your documents.
  • Complete the application.
  • Use the “Track Application” option to track your application status.

Benefits of the SBI Prime Credit Card

There are many advantages to using this credit card:

Milestone Benefits

  • You enjoy an e-Voucher from Pizza Hut on spending more than Rs 50,000 in a quarter.
  • When you spend more than Rs 3 Lakhs in a year, the renewal fee of the card is waived.
  • You get an e-Voucher of Rs 7000 from one of the notable Indian brands – Pantaloons/Yatra once you have spent more than Rs 5 Lakhs in a year.

Airport Lounge Access

  • You can take 4 complimentary visits per calendar year to International Airport Lounges outside India. The Priority Pass program helps you to get these visits. But, you can take a maximum of 2 visits per quarter.
  • This card offers you the facility of 8 complimentary visits per calendar year to Domestic Airport Lounges in India. VISA/Mastercard/American Express card variants help you to get these visits. You can take a maximum of 2 visits per quarter.
  • These offers are provided to the primary cardholder only.

Club Vistara Membership

  • You enjoy Complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership on this card.
  • You get 1 upgrade voucher for Vistara Airlines with the card.
  • You earn 9 Club Vistara points for every Rs 100 you spend on Vistara flights.
  • All these offers apply to the primary cardholder.

To enjoy and apply for the club Vistara membership, you can visit the link below:

Fraud Liability Cover

  • The SBI card offers the Fraud Liability Cover as a complimentary feature worth Rs 1 Lakh.
  • The users have 48 hours to report a lost card and 7 days after reporting a lost or stolen card.
  • The SBI card has a complimentary Rs 50 Lakh Air Accident Liability Cover.

Add-on Card Facility

It is an excellent feature offered on this card. As a primary card holder, you can add 2 members of your family. These members can be either – spouses, parents, children or siblings. The only condition is that they must be a minimum of 18 years.

Easy Bill Pay Feature

The SBI card can be used for your telephone, electricity, and utility bills. You will also get to pay your mobile bill using Easy Bill Pay’s feature.


The SBI Prime Credit Card offers 3 different kinds of Rewards systems: Regular, Milestones & Accelerated Rewards. These Reward Points can either be used to purchase items from the SBI Catalogue or can be adjusted in statement credits.

Rewards Redemption Fee is Rs 99 + GST

Regular Rewards

  • 2 RP per Rs 100 on all regular spends. The value of 1 Reward Point is Rs 0.25.

Milestone Rewards

  • Read “Milestone Benefits” mentioned above.

Accelerated Rewards

Features Reward Points
Standing Instruction on Utility Bill payments20 RP per Rs.100 spent: (5% Value)
Birthday Spends20 RP per Rs.100 spent (5% Value)
BigBasket15 RP per Rs.100 spent (3.75% Value)
Dining, Groceries, Departmental stores and Movies10 RP per Rs.100 spent (2.5% Value)

Pros & Cons of the Card


  • The SBI card offers a welcome e-voucher of Rs 3000, compensating the joining fee.
  • The card offers Domestic & International Airport Lounges access.
  • This card boasts one of the best Rewards Catalogue in the market if you wish to redeem your reward points.
  • The different rewards categories cover you for all kinds of spending throughout the year.
  • There are Complimentary benefits on joining the card: Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership, Club Vistara Silver Membership, and Priority Pass Membership.


  • The Renewal/Annual fee of Rs 2999 + GST may seem high for some individuals.


SBI Card Prime is the best option for a premium credit card. It provides better flight bookings, airport lounge access, hotel stays, and many other benefits. But if you are more interested in your credit card’s rewards at movie theatres and online shopping, you can opt out of this card.

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How can I increase the credit limit on my SBI Prime Credit Card?

You can check your eligibility to increase the card limit on your SBI Prime credit card by logging onto SBI Bank’s dedicated credit card website, If eligible, the portal will show you the credit limit.

Is there a facility to waive the renewal fee on my SBI Prime Credit Card?

Yes !! It’s possible. If your card has annual spending of Rs 3 lakhs, then the renewal fee will be waived.

What are the Complimentary benefits you get after joining SBI Prime Credit Card?

Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership, Club Vistara Silver Membership, and Priority Pass Membership.

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